Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Best of 2012

Happy New Year!

2012 was a slow year for me photographically; only 5349 images made the cut compared with 9710 in 2011. Too much work and the goal of completing the 300km V├ĄtterRundan bicycle ride in under 10 hours (finished in 9:30) did not leave enough time for photography. But there were a few high points...

The year started well with a bang in the center of Lund

Summer arrived far too quickly...

A visit to New York included plenty of new photo opps including the view from the Top of the Rock

As did a trip to Yosemite. Even though half-dome has become one of the photographed places in the world, it's pretty spectacular.
And Tuolomne Meadows provided the setting for a spectacular sunset:
Back in Sweden, it didn't take long before fall was upon us...

And all of a sudden it's 2013. Time for new goals and new adventures. This year I hope to complete the 300KM V├ĄtternRundan in under 9 hours AND spend more time photographing.
Good Luck with your resolutions and have a great 2013!


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