Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kingfisher squabble over fishing rights

When it's as good as it gets...

12 hours in a hide the size of doghouse sitting on up-side-down milk crates together with my 14 year old son Johan. It was a day to remember...
853 images
293 keepers
78 five-star images, an amazing number by my standards.

Another favorite from the day was this shot taken at 9:00 AM
The hide was set up and maintained for several years by a brilliant photographer, author and biologist Felix Heintzenberg, but unfortunately it is not available any longer. Near the hide at least one pair of kingfishers bred regularly and the parents constant fishing to feed their growing young provided endless photo opportunities.


Technical image details can be found along with additional kingfisher images at

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  1. Dessa bilder förtjänar mycket mer uppmärksamhet, de är av mästarklass. Med så många keepers måste denna session varit något över det vanliga, vill jag tro. Grattis till dessa suveräna bilder. / Deerhunter