Friday, January 18, 2013

Kingfisher Squabble Animated Gif

Our kingfisher session in the hide in September 2007 yielded hundreds of great images included a couple of kingfishers squabbling about who would be king of the fishing perch. And while I took a total of 16 images with the Canon 1DmkIII only a few of them were critically sharp. But I have saved all 16 images thinking there might be something I could do with them. Well I had completely forgotten about them, but them browsing through my Lightroom catalog I rediscovered them and got to thinking... How about an animated gif of the series. Said and done, below is the sixteen image clip combined into one animated gif.

Double-click on the GIF to get a slightly higher resolution.

Of course it would have been better if I had actually been filming the sequence in full HD, and I will certainly do more filming in the future, but in the mean time, it's cool to see how new technologies provides us creative ways to use our photography.

The original blog post with still images can be seen here:

Technical image details can be found along with additional kingfisher images at