Monday, June 23, 2014

Venice; A Tale of Two Cities... Day 4

Despite unlimited things to do in Venice, we thought we should also explore the areas outside of Venice. On the advice of photographer Arved Gintenreiter we decided to take a day trip to the Island of Burano; an island known for its brightly painted houses. We got an early start and caught the Vaporetto boat at 10AM. There were already quite a few tourists on the boat, but when we arrived at Burano it was relatively quite and uncrowded.

View from the Vaporetto - Canon 6D + 24-105L @ 28mm f4 1/250 ISO200
This would all change as the day progressed and the island filled with more and more tourists, but at least we had a couple of hours of relative calm to stroll the streets of this very small community

Burano 15 shot Panorama - Canon 6D + 24-105L @ 28mm f5.6 1/250 ISO200
There are many charming houses as you can see, and a panorama shot really captures the atmosphere.

School Girl at Drinking Fountain - Canon 6D +24-105L at 24mm f16 1/100 ISO200

Of course even the boats and oars are brightly painted on Burano...

Blue Boat of Burano - Canon 6D +24-105L @ 105mm f8 1/250 ISO200
After four hours on Burano including a lunch at one of the towns least expensive establishments we decided that we were now overloaded with colorful houses and caught the Vaporetto back to Venice. Once back on our "home turf" I convinced Lena and Johan to make a side trip to a couple of the photo spots from our day with Arved, and luck was on our side. The cloudy skies improved the lighting significantly and as we were photographing a newly wed couple in a gondola became the center-piece on my panorama.

Venetian Wedding Limousine - Canon 6D + Sigma 14mm/2.8 @ f8 1/100 ISO100

But now everyone needed to take a break so we headed back to our hotel for a couple of hours before heading out again in time to catch the blue hour around 20:00...

Gondola's at Piazza San Marco - Canon 6D + 24-105L @ 45mm f8 15sec ISO100
And finally at 21:50 the blue light was fading, one last shot from the Riva degli Schiavoni

View from Riva degli Schiavoni -  Canon 6D + 24-105L @ 28mm f8 25 sec ISO400


  1. Vilka färgkaskader! Flickan vid fontänen är ju en höjdarbild med nästan osannolik folktom omgivning. Den bilden känns tidlös. Tidlös är även - tycker jag - den sista med klart artikulerad mening att stan gått och lagt sig. Ändå hör jag musik från någonstans?
    / Deerhunter

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