Friday, July 19, 2013

San Francisco Telephoto Landscapes...

Week two of our vacation in the US and it's time for some travel. San Francisco has always been a favorite destination of mine but our last visit was about 5 years ago; now the kids Johan 19 and Kristina 18 are interested in revisiting the city. But I have a hard time photographing when the family is sitting in the car or standing on the sidewalk waiting for me. So I went awol while they were shopping and headed back to the harbor area to see if I could get any pictures of the sunset.
As beautiful as San Francisco is, it's tough to take pictures that haven't been taken 10,000 times before and now become cliché, so for a slightly different perspective I tried using my 300mm f/2.8 and 100-400L  to take some landscape images. As the sun disappeared behind the mountains the sky took on shades of gold, pink and lavender providing a fantastic background for the various monuments.
The following four images were all taken from the same vantage point, another great thing about telephoto landscapes, the ability to get close to subjects that are miles apart. It saved me a lot of travel time and I wasn't limited to a single subject.

Alcatraz at sunset 300mm f/2.8
Coit Tower at sunset 200mm 100-400L
Coast Guard patrolling at sunset 300mm f/2.8
SF Harbor 11 shot panorama at sunset 300mm f/2.8

This shot was taken on a different day of course but with the same idea, using telephoto to capture a slightly different perspective. Taken from the viewing area on the north side of the Bay.
Golden Gate from the North 135mm 100-400L

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  1. The Rock ser dystert ner på betraktaren. Ett ställe så impregnerat av mänskliga aktiviteter som pågick där att t om bilden kryper sig in i och ruskar om ryggraden. Måste ha varit ett av alla helveten på jorden och jag tror inte alls att många av internerna förtjänade en bättre plats...
    / Deerhunter