Friday, March 1, 2013

Breakfast with Peregrines, or Life is Hard in the City

This is not much to speak of photographically, but seeing nature in action always excites me and seeing a peregrine falcon take up residence in Lunds Cathedral for daily viewing is a real treat.

When I woke at 6AM I saw that for the first time in weeks the sky was clear and the winds were calm, so I thought this could be a good opportunity to try to photograph our new resident. As always she was perched on the top of the South Steeple, but only for about 3 minutes before taking off, and then returning to land on the top of the bell-tower will a newly killed pigeon.

A video clip from this morning


A shot from this morning Mon Mar 4, 2013
Went to see the peregrine at 06:45, but all that remained of today's pigeon was a few feathers blowing in the wind, and the gorged peregrine was getting ready for a nap


  1. Fina bilder och jag undrade lite hur närgången du kan ha varit innan jag såg Exif... Wow, du har verkligen slagit på stort! En fantastiskt vacker fågel, denna. Har du bokat plats i banklokalen på andra sidan gatan eller är bilderna tagna från marken? / Deerhunter

    1. Hej Klas, bilderna är tagna från marken, men jag har tänkt på hur perfekt det hade varit om man hade kunnat komma upp på tacket på banken :-)