Monday, June 27, 2016

Bodie Ghost Town, waiting for nightfall

This years USA trip included a few days in and around Yosemite. Since we have already visited Yosemite a few times, we were looking for something new on this trip, and as luck would have it we found an after dark photo workshop in Bodie ghost town, focusing on the Milky Way over Bodie. In the middle of summer this meant waiting until after 10PM to begin the nighttime photography, so between our arrival at 6:30PM  and then we had several hours to explore Bodie on our own and shoot in the setting sun...

Green Street...

Pews filled with ghosts...

Siding made out of tin cans...


  1. Häftiga bilder av en svunnen tid !

  2. Fantastiskt fototillfälle väl förvaltat, tycker jag.
    / Deerhunter

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