Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Eagle Aerobatics in Norway Day 2

June 6

Day one of our eagle photography in Lauvsnes, Norway was beyond our wildest expectations with 24 close displays by the eagles. Even Ole-Martin our guide was impressed since that tied his earlier record. Day two proved to be a more normal day with about 10 fly-bys. But since we already had hundreds of great images this gave us a little more time to catch our breath and and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Norway has a reputation for it's stunning landscapes and fjords, and we were not disappointed.

So after another incredibly successful day there was only one cloud on the horizon, and that was the weather forecast which called for strong winds the next day. Being somewhat prone to sea-sickness Johan and I took this as an invitation to photograph something on land the next day, and we decided to make a short 8 hour drive to the Island of Runde for a couple of days before heading home to Sweden.


  1. "...a short 8 hour drive...". Misstänker att du gillar att köra bil? Kanske hyrbilen var en Lambo? Hur som helst, en ytterligare serie bilder som skänker mig inspiration om allt möjligt som vackra fåglar exeptionellt fångade, men även rent natursceniskt mycket tilltalande. Norge verkar vara platsen att befinna sig på. Synd att pizzorna är så dyra, bara... / Deerhunter

  2. Tack Klas! Det såg inte så långt ut på kartan så jag var övertygad att det skulle snabbt och smidigt. Nåväl, yolo... Ja, det är mycket dyrt i Norge,så man får felt enkelt ta med sig så mycket mat som möjligt. Det är det värt för att uppleva ett sädant fantastiskt landskap.